Management & Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

CCA’s primary goal is to serve clubs and their leadership by helping to achieve maximum member satisfaction. CCA provides objective, unbiased advice, discovering and understanding the challenges and applying proven solutions. Whether a new club development or an existing club, CCA will tailor make the proposed turnaround or development programme to achieve the club board’s or owner’s vision and long term goals.

A. New club development

CCA provides consultancy in all areas of club development and has unparalleled experience in every aspect of club life. Whilst our knowhow stretches from building golf courses and agronomy to planning and operating clubs, our focus is geared towards member satisfaction and financial success.

Many of the services provided to new developments are similar to those delivered under a Management Agreement. We specialise in integrated consulting solutions which include:

  • 1. Strategic Planning
  • 2. Site selection
  • 3. Facility Planning
  • 4. Operations – incl. Staff Training and recommendation for Systems and Processes
  • 5. Culinary diversity – dining enhancements and/ or new concepts
  • 6. Golf – site choice, clubhouse configuration, golf course construction, turf management and maintenance facility

B. Existing club

Club boards review their operations periodically. Whether the club seeks support in strategic planning and/ or golf course improvements, it is likely that club leadership cannot always agree on the best way to accomplish their goals.

Enter CCA, who will work with board members and club general managers, to develop specific recommendations and solutions with emphasis on revitalising club life and the  affinity by members with their club!

A typical review process includes:

  • Market analysis to assess depth of potential new membership
  • SWOT analysis
  • Assess current members satisfaction
  • Review and recommendations for membership structure
  • Focus on membership marketing to attract new members
  • Public relations exposure through social media and club events
  • Create additional revenue streams through interesting club activities
  • Review current F&B offer and outline a complementary or new culinary direction
  • Refurbishment programme and budget as required


Management Services

The services provided by CCA as part of a Management Agreement, can be summarised into six key areas:

  • 1. Concept development and planning
  • 2. Technical advice in support of the owner’s project team
  • 3. Pre-Opening management
  • 4. Membership sales and marketing
  • 5. Operational management
  • 6. Turn-around solutions

1. Concept Development and Planning

The CCA team includes operational and development specialists with over 35 years of experience in the design and development of club, hotel, golf clubs and recreation based projects. CCA provides management solutions in all areas of development, resulting in the right concept for the right project, design for maximum efficiency and profit, giving the project the real competitive edge needed in today’s ambitious market.

  • CCA will provide complete concept recommendations, including:
  • Market research
  • Assistance in sourcing a suitable property/ venue
  • Overall master planning
  • Facilities mix and space programme
  • Concept design
  • Financial feasibility
  • Budget costing
  • Coordination of architects and designers

2. Technical Advice

Following the critical stages covered in the areas outlined above, the CCA technical team will work with the appointed architects, designers and planners providing the essential input to ensure the design concept is followed and the finished development meets efficiency, functional and high-quality standards. In effect, CCA becomes an essential interface between the owner/developer and the contractors. This is especially relevant in the design and construction of any club or resort project where budgets have a habit of escalating without tight control and a real understanding of the development process.

3. Pre-Opening Management

The critical pre-opening period covers the set-up of the business in preparation for full time operations. This stage normally commences between 12 to 15 months prior to the official opening. During this period CCA will:

  • Agree membership sales and marketing objectives and strategies
  • Develop and refine the operational and capital budgets
  • Establish pro-forma income projections
  • Develop all operating concepts and systems, including F&B, banquet, events etc.
  • Set up administration and accounting procedures
  • Determine the manpower requirements, recruit and train all management and operating teams, being local and expatriates with focus on hiring the right attitude and aptitude
  • Manage procurement of all furniture, operating equipment and supplies
  • Enrol club in the IAC global network for marketing exposure and reciprocal benefits for the members

4. Membership Sales and Marketing

For any club owner, the sale of memberships is a critical part of the development programme. CCA’s experience of selling private club memberships is unquestionable.

CCA works with the owner to develop the club’s membership sales and marketing plan, which sets out the target market, profile and style of membership as well the sales plan and budget. It focuses on three pillars – Member Satisfaction, Owner Expectations and Financial Performance.

CCA will take charge as the exclusive sales and marketing agent for the club and deliver the following services:

  • Establish categories of membership and recommend joining fees and monthly dues
  • Oversee drafting of rights of membership, by-laws, application forms, transfer forms, house rules and all other necessary documents
  • Set staffing and remuneration levels of membership sales staff
  • Appoint and train all membership sales staff
  • Establish membership administration and marketing reporting systems
  • Implementing programmes for membership prospecting, sales and enrolments
  • Oversee the development of annual membership marketing plan and set matriculation targets

5. Operational Management

CCA assumes the role of club managers, handling all aspects of operations on behalf of the owner. The following key operational areas will be covered:

  • Develop annual operating, capital expenditure plans and budgets
  • Implement operating policies, procedures, minimum
  • standards and quality service levels
  • Ongoing training of all members of staff to meet high standards
  • High culinary food & beverage standards
  • Monthly and annual event programme with a mix of business, social and cultural programmes
  • Marketing, Promotion & Public Relations to support the club image & positioning
  • Operational and financial controls & systems
  • Strict purchasing procedures and controls

The Club will become an important member of the CCA network, bringing the benefits of international recognition as well as security for the members and owners that their club is being managed and developed in a professional manner, maintaining the high quality and standards expected over the long term.

6. Turn-around Solutions

Current operation of a business may require a fundamental restructuring and repositioning. CCA’s engagement will involve a comprehensive review of the existing business and recommendations to improve its financial and operational performance. While most restructuring undertakings involve physical improvements, changes to management, marketing and operations can be equally critical and valuable. CCA can provide a full “turn around” solution to suit your business needs. Don’t wait too long though!

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