CCA International

The CCA Group

The Club Company, CCA INTERNATIONAL (CCA), is one of the leading international hospitality companies engaged in the development and management of prestigious private business clubs, golf clubs and country clubs in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

CCA has developed, operated and consulted on over eighty projects in fifteen countries since 1982. It has placed around 80,000 club memberships in Asia and Europe and raised close to USD 1 billion in membership funds through its own and third-party projects. The Group has also been actively involved in the marketing and selling of high-rise luxury residences, golf villas and resort apartments in Asia and Europe.

The management of private members clubs is a distinct niche business, which calls for highly developed management skills in many critical areas, a firm understanding of the key elements that make a club successful and a deep, long-term corporate commitment to excellence in club management. The club business model has proven resilience to economic downturns.

CCA offers systems, knowledge and experience, as well as the breadth of expertise that cannot be found in individually hired managers. As an international company, CCA’s operational staff experience and knowledge spans Asia, Europe and the Middle East with operations headquartered in Hong Kong and the regional office in Berlin for the EMEA region.

CCA’s strength is based on the understanding of local culture, lifestyle, business needs and a proven track record of adaptability to the local environment, whilst maintaining the highest international standards in addition to the accessibility to a multinational specialist support team, with global expertise. The “CCA Academy” programme ensures the development of talent for future club experts.

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