The History of
CCA International

“CCA’s reputation and proven track record of success adds substantial real value and provides for a higher quality.”

Over the past three decades, CCA has developed, operated and consulted on over sixty club projects in fifteen countries. It invested its own capital in clubs and resorts, and was a joint venture partner with major corporations, co-investing in hospitality projects. It played the role of a developer and operator, taking projects from inception to opening and on-going operations.

It has acted as a management company, assisting clients in building and launching large scale projects from golf communities to destination resorts. On many occasions, it worked with major real estate developers, helping them to establish private club facilities deployed to drive residential, commercial, or mixed-used developments. It was also a project consultant, assisting clients in developing simple or complex club concepts, or in formulating the strategy to complete a master plan.

In many situations, CCA provided expertise in structuring project financing, negotiating with banks and investment funds and dealing with other complexities such as tax and financial planning which are outside the normal scope of a hotel management company.

In short, CCA is well versed in the acquisition, construction, development, financing, management, operation and disposition of various types of hospitality assets, and it thinks as an owner and focusing on “creating value” even when it is only delivering a professional service. Its approach is to be a business partner, not just an operator.

CCA has also established Palmerston Hotels & Resorts as its brand name for integrated resorts with hotel, golf and real estate components and residential city club developments with professionals headquartered in Hong Kong, London and Berlin. CCA provides a turn-key solution and takes charge of all aspects of “club life” from the initial concept and project management, to selling memberships, training staff and operating restaurants serving every type of cuisine. The Group has developed detailed operational manuals and systems for every aspect of the business.

CCA’s reputation and proven track record of success adds substantial real value and provides for a higher quality, more efficient operation with absolute focus on delivering greater profitability, member satisfaction, and the ability to sustain a higher level of fees and in improved recognition and prestige of each club or resort property.

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